These photos were during the days in Washington State Univ. Pullman; our formation years. The pictures also includes our friends Zai and Sham in some of them.





Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bro Shuk...
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5/10/07 12:02 PM  
Anonymous zzcoyote said...

I was a friend of Zaid's in the Pullman years (he was my Physics lab partner in fact!). At some point he bought my friends 4-track (a Tascam Porta One) and he and Aziz starting recording. Next year he comes back and he's got an unlabelled cassette tape in his hand and says that his band was signed in Malasia. Well we *all* wanted to be rock stars, so I was skeptical at first. He puts the tape into the deck of a car as we're driving through Pullman and the guitar part starts... he explained that Malay songs have many more parts that American rock songs. Then the chorus kicks in as we're driving along... but we're still not convinced Zaid's the singer. So from the back seat he starts belting out the chorus along with the tape. ... holy crap! I didn't understand the words but the power of the vocals and the song gave me chills that I remember to this day. It was Jebat.

20/1/08 2:07 PM  
Blogger blntara1 said...

Mike!!!!!!! Is that you?........Gotta be you....! Wotcha doing in Florida mate?......I still remember Kurt, the original owner of the Tascam. What a pleasant surprise, let us not lost track of one another, anymore!......my email add, zaidyusoff@yahoo.com....We have one hell of catching up to do....Great hearing from you again, Mike, thanks for dropping by.....Cheers

21/1/08 12:49 AM  

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