Just returned from Kuantan early this morning.

It's been 20 years since the time when Zaid first approached Aziz in Hotel Moscow, in Moscow Idaho. Then was when the initial seed of inspiration being planted to later become Belantara and subsequently the release of the first album. Of course there was also the boring story of recruiting the bassist at the college cafeteria, but the significant of the first approach is what that started it all.

Twenty years later when the fire had stop burning, seems like it is the end of the group but in actual fact there are still amber of the original fire keeping the dream alive. Now, at the exact moment twenty years later, the same journey begins again and a new hope is alive. Zaid had driven to Kuantan to meet Aziz and again laying down the foundation of a new begining.

The ignition being turned, and the engine is revving. As if playing from the same script, this time we're hoping that the amber will turn into a bigger fire and by that time a new album will be completed.

p/s : we will not contribute to the "Koya best" project.


Anonymous Lya2PntsOnFya said...

More please

17/10/06 2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brader Shukri... I'm looking for the MP3 format of 'Dewi'. Is it possible for you to email me the song? You can reach me at fnd_real@yahoo.com

-susana's husband!-

7/11/06 11:47 PM  
Blogger fnd said...

brader.. tolong email lagu Dewi kat gua.


-husband susana-

7/11/06 11:51 PM  
Blogger fnd said...

brader.. tolong email lagu Dewi kat gua.


-husband susana-

7/11/06 11:51 PM  
Blogger Sinbad said...

O' bro, salute o' belang-tara!

Miss ur music la guys! Skrg nak cari ur previous albums pun punya la susah. Until now it still remains a mystery ...., aku dah beli dekat 10 bijik album termasuk yg compilation tapi semua hilang! Ajaib betul!

Aku rasa orang bunian pun minat band belantara ni kot, itu sebab album aku asyik kena "rembat" ... wakaka

Whatever it is ... keep rocking bro. Kalau boleh new album tu include lah Hillary Ang sparing dgn Aziz macam lagu Jebat. Power bro!

Aku dgn ramai lagi peminat Belantara akan support u guys all the way! Belantara ramai peminat beb, lu orang jer yang tak tahu kot.

Good luck!

16/11/06 5:32 PM  
Anonymous jemang said...

start to listen to Belantara again today..nostalgia betul..rasa macam muda balik...now at 40, i wish to see Belantara again as it was 20 yrs ago..

23/11/06 5:02 PM  
Blogger BELANTARA said...


check e-mail lu.


biasa la. We've "misplaced" so many of our albums too. Thanks for your support. I just want the new project to take off this time instead of being frozen as in the past 10 years or so.


we're in the same boat bro...tapi physical je 40's, semangat still 20's,he-he-he

25/11/06 9:49 AM  

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