Supposedly 2005 was the year to release our new album.

But its not to be. We have been very busy w/ less or no time and space to work on the album.

1. Zaid's moved the studio to a new place. He also had been working on numerous movie projects (live sound & music) which takes a lot of his time.

2. I also am involve in a retail business that needs supervision.

3. Aziz is living and working in Kuantan...

So...we HOPE that by February we can again start work on the album. I'm also trying to get hold of some photos or articles from the past so that I can post them here but it seems that we were not the kind of people that take lots of pictures, so not many "Kodak moments" are in my possession or any one else either. Until I can get hold on some.....


Blogger Hasran said...

Old time fans are waiting for the new album released. Anyway, where can we get CDs for old albums?

9/2/06 5:13 PM  
Blogger ketam said...

I love Belantara... saya ketam and my school - ALAM SHAH 85-89.... from my batch only few fanatic of BELANTARA... yeahhh... pls email me ianketam@hotmail.com.my.... i bought so many times BELANTARA collections... but always lost sebab bebudak rempat.... SRIKANDI DI SISI...

7/3/06 11:26 PM  
Blogger BELANTARA said...


wow, what a coincidence!! We were thinking of setting up a label under the name of KETAM RECORDS. I guess if we do now we probably have to pay you some kind of royalty for using the name...Thank you for the support. We will update on this blog if we have something new coming. Still in the workings though. You can communicate via this blog or write @ kobaltbiru@yahoo.com

10/3/06 4:18 PM  
Anonymous Arzwarth said...

I want Infiniti album in CD version !!!! my cassette tape of the album rosak ;; (long ago)

Can sell to me? even its a only a copy woth no label I will buy ^^
>> arzwart4@streamyx.com

26/5/06 12:01 PM  
Anonymous Roy said...

Oh my god...you guys are still around! I remember listening to your debut back in Form 1 - but tape semua dah koyak sekarang. I was in KL some time back (I think about 2 years ago), then I saw the CD "Koleksi Terbaik Belantara". Bought it without thinking. After so long, I finally got to hear BElantara again! Srikandi Di Sisi is the best ballad ever, together with Sutra! Are you guys still playing? Whe is the new CD coming out? Any chances of re-releasing all the 3 CDs?

28/6/06 2:54 PM  
Anonymous aminol said...

Big Fan of Belantara...from MRSM Balik Pulau 85-89. Bought 3 units from 1st album only, others can't remember but all gone. Trying to get CDs. Luv U Guys.
p/s Willing to help to scan yr old pics and others...
Hidup Belantara !


24/9/06 12:34 AM  
Anonymous zulfa said...

ini bukan pertama kali, aku pernah jatuh hati..........

that song reminds me back to my school days. i was at mrsm balik pulau 1985-89 , that was the time when search and wings rule the road, but to me belantara is number 1.the song "dewi"'"sutra" still in my head and sometimes playing it to my friends: they are puzzled: whose song is it.you might failed to hit the malaysian mainstream rock scene(actually lagu2 sedih rock), but to me you got the hardcore belantara fans until now.

one question: where can i but your albums. i lost everything from my hostel days.

24/9/06 2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belantara ... those were the days. Pernah ada sorang cikgu tanya saya sebab apa kamu suka sangat dengan group ni? Dengan selamba saya jawap...depa ngaji oversea cikgu...

Album-album rock Otai ni boleh didapati kat kedai muzik kompleks Campbell, KL. Tak ingat tingkat berapa, tingkat 2 kot.

Utk peminat2 setia, rajin2 la dengar Radio Sinar, mungkin nanti akan keluar lagu Belantara ni, sebab lagu Junction pun dah keluar.

Heh... trust me.

My favourite will always be Airmata & Hadiah Harijadi...

Good luck guys.

STARian 86-90

13/11/06 4:18 PM  
Blogger BELANTARA said...

STARian 86-90

Don't think we're in SINAR's playlist. You can only count on ERA, thanks to ROSTAM. Hopefully he'll not get tired (or transferred)of playing BELANTARA music.


will post here once we figure out how we can get those albums for you guys.


thanks...keep in touch

25/11/06 10:06 AM  

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