happy new year....though a bit belated or rather selamat tol baru!!!

ya..all you people living in the klang valley driving is gonna cost you more. But what to do. Bising-bising pun, will they listen?...Guess we have to find other means to show how dissatisfied we are.

The other day me and Zaid was talking, since its a new year.... usually people will come up with whole bunch of list or charts of -- well almost anything. We came to talk about list of our favourite songs....the songs that you feel worth having with you if you're stranded on a desert island!!! Of course, its difficult to list out because there're so many, and every bit of them means something to you...but here goes MY top 10 list (but not in any sort of order of favourite and of course our albums are in a separate basket all together......)

1. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin
2. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
3. Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
4. Us and Them - Pink Floyd
5. Don't Stop Believing - Journey
6. Dreams - Van Halen
7. Rain Song - Led Zepplin
8. Start me up - Rolling Stones
9. Still of the Night - White Snake
0. Rock of Ages - Def Leppard

Guess the list really showed what an otai I am....(actually there are some more songs, but the list will be endless la....)


Blogger nizket said...

i don't think i can list down my top ten because there are so many out there. however, i always have a soft spot for "bunga matahari". hehe.

11/1/07 11:30 AM  
Anonymous lee said...

dear bro shuk n nizket...

lagu2 yg bro shuk list, memang kita semua punya favourite..kat sini just to list down top 30 essential OTAI rock/metal songs (my favourite actually) for us to hear so as to be regarded as rockers/headbangers..he2... as you both said, kalau nak list down beribu-ribu tapi pilih yang agak essential (on top of yang bro shuk list kan) saya tak list yang top2 sebab u all sure dah tau, so kita list yang agak2 rare sikit kot...bukan nak menunjuk ke apa tau, kita sini nak share knowledge, kot2 sape yang tak pernah dengar, boleh cari lagu2 ni....( not in any sort of order of favourite)..

1. all day and all of the night - the kinks
2. a day in the life - the beatles
3. 21st Century Schizoid Man – king crimson
4. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida – iron butterfly
5. shine on you crazy diamond - pink floyd
6. gimme three steps – lynyrd skynyrd
7. nights in white satin – the moody blues
8. golden brown – the stranglers
9. London calling – the clash
10. anarchy in the UK – sex pistols
12. Babe, i'm gonna leave you – Led Zeppelin
13. don’t fear the reaper – blue oyster cult
14. profession of violence - UFO
15. there is a light that never goes ut – the smiths
16. I turned to stone – budgie
17. agent orange – sodom
18. holy war – megadeth
19. earthshaker – earthshaker
20. how many tears – helloween
21. forever – Y&T
22. tom sawyer – rush
23. siberian khatru – YES
24. A dangerous meeting – mercyful fate
25. Postmortem – slayer
26. walk the stage/rock will never die – MSG
27. beneath the remains – sepultura
28. prodigal son – iron maiden
29. the way i choose - bad company

3/2/07 12:51 AM  
Blogger shuk said...


Kat mana buleh cari lagu-lagu tu -- yang macam dalam hang punya list. Ada jugak lagu-lagu yang aku tak pernah dengar.

Kalu dah essential tu nak kena dengar jugak sekali dalam seumur hidup -- nak dapat feel dia. Dengar lagu ni adalah satu experience.....

3/2/07 10:57 PM  
Anonymous lee said...

bro shuk,,
kalau hang mau lagu2 tu ok, boleh bagi punya no hal...tapi ada yang mp3 ada yg cd, tapi mp3 boleh convert cd kan, no hal punya... kalau agak2 teringat lagu apa, just listkan, kot2 saya ada..saya nak cakap apa yg saya ada pun susah sebab banyak sangat...

p/s : lagu all day and all of the night (the kinks) tu 1st dalam list bukan apa, ray davies (frontman/leader kinks) kata lagu tu adalah permulaan heavy metal walaupun ramai kata lagu "you really got me", tapi dia kata sebenarnya lagu all day...kalau bro shuk pernah dengar sure u pun agree, dengar intro strumming dave davies memang metal beb...kalau bro shuk tak pernah dengar, dengar le...

3/2/07 11:31 PM  

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