Artis Minggu Ini @ Sinar FM 96.7, starts today


I was informed by our goood friend, Bapps, that Belantara is "artis minggu ini" on Sinar FM 97.6 (Klang Valley) today. So, tune in. The station will spin Belantara songs during this week. I have tuned in when "Pelagi dan Nafiri" was spinned @ 1.16 pm.

Bapps also mentioned that the station got some facts wrong....according to them Benson is the bass player, while I'm the drummer.

Oh well maybe they should have done a search on the net...and get the facts right from this here blog.

Anyways, thanks for the little bit of spotlight...Sinar FM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn..i've missed it. does anyone know if there is any repeat / playover?

what abt a meeting / coffee time / lepak time ... ? date n venue pls...

9/11/07 1:59 PM  

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