Rejuvenation of past malay musical journey is in order.
Universal has decided to make available malay music album of the past in CD form.
Album from Belantara - being one of the entity in the Universal Records stable - will be released in CD form.
The first album Belantara - Belantara was released in November 2015 and the other released SriKandi Disisi and Infiniti will follow suit tentatively in February 2016. Also in the line-up for re-release is the Best of album which bear the budget cover design of a tiger jumping (?) and tumbling monumental letterings of Belantara which probably were carved out of the stone of the legendary Mount Ophir.

As the legend goes, the masters to these albums (plus masters of all Polygram stable that did their recordings in Lion Studio Singapore) are no longer available, albiet being stolen by aliens from outerspace. As the aliens valued those masters more and considered them precious heritage compared to the past masters at the record company that put them as shit! and therefore fit to be forgotten. Luckily those aliens kept the masters safe somewhere in their planet.

As such, the above recording are sourced from vinyl recordings and then processed for CD release.

Hopefully when our (malaysian) civilization is ready to appreciate works of music, the alien will drop by to our planet and returned those lost masters of Universal artiste.