movie release

for your information, people!

the movie that was mentioned in a post earlier (about 1 year ago if i'm not mistaken) will soon be released probably sometime in October. You know,the movie that we had done a song for it.

If you still had not listen to the song---- go HERE for a listen. I've also uploaded a few other songs from the "blue" album.

Oh, the movie---- the working title was "Koya Best". the last i heard it's called "Budak Kelantan". wow!


Blogger amey said...

Salam bro..
Saya tengah layan lagu2 yang diuploadkan tu.. Best.. Sblm saya 'laluk' layan lagu2 tu, saya nak ucap selamat berhari raya bersama keluarga dan sahabat handai..
~peace~ \m/

26/9/08 10:42 PM  
Anonymous tajudin said...

salam aidilfitri pada BELANTARA & semua yang mengkagumi muziknya.

29/9/08 8:30 AM  

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